What to do in Mergozzo

What to do in Mergozzo, lake, paths and panorama-village-reflections

A Brief Itinerary in the Discover of the Verbano Village and its Small Lake

If you’re in Piemonte seeking a relaxing getaway between lake and nature, Mergozzo is the perfect destination. Then read and find out what to do in Mergozzo. You will pack your bags immediately!

Nestled in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, just a few kilometers from the renowned Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, this small village has a fascinating history dating back to pre-Roman times.

One intriguing fact we unearthed during our visit is that the lake, which now graces the village, did not exist in ancient times. It was originally part of Lake Maggiore, but due to consistent flooding from the Toce River since the 1500s, a land strip gradually separated the two bodies of water. Despite isolating the village, it transformed Lake Mergozzo into one of Italy’s purest and cleanest lakes, attracting water sports enthusiasts from around the world.

What to do in Mergozzo: Where to Hit the Beach

First and foremost, indulge in a refreshing swim in Lake Mergozzo. The water might not be scorching, but the experience is truly worthwhile. Along the south and east shores, various beaches, mostly managed by campsites and lakeside residences, await. For sand lovers, Camping La Quiete’s beach offers one hour of free access.

What to do in Mergozzo-lake-beach-La Quartina-free access
La Quartina Beach

If you prefer a longer lakeside stay, head to La Quartina, where a park with a lush lakeside lawn awaits. The feeling of not having sand clinging to you after a swim is priceless!

An intriguing discovery is the dog-friendly beach a few meters away, connected by a bridge. Partially shaded, it provides a cool retreat for both owners and dogs on warmer days.

What to do in Mergozzo: Traverse the Azure Trail

For nature enthusiasts, consider strolling along the Azure Trail. This ancient path, once the sole connection between Mergozzo and the small village of Montorfano, is now a favored route, especially for families and non-trekking enthusiasts. With mostly gentle terrain, forested surroundings suitable for all seasons, and a paved surface, the trail offers a pleasant trek. Still, sporting attire and trekking shoes are advisable.

What to do in Mergozzo- azure-trail-forest path-Mergozzo Montorfano-
Section of the Azure Trail (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

The path winds along Montorfano’s wall parallel to the underlying railway and the lake. Featuring small bridges and cascades, it provides breathtaking views from natural balconies overlooking the lake and the opposite shore. Benches along the way offer a peaceful spot to enjoy the magnificent panorama. Exiting the woods, you reach the asphalted provincial road, ascending shortly to Montorfano village.

Montorfano, with its medieval charm, boasts narrow cobblestone streets and stone houses surrounding the small church of San Giovanni, a focal point since the Middle Ages.

What to do in Mergozzo, lake, paths and - Church of San Giovanni Montorfano - Romanesque church - medieval village
Church of San Giovanni in Montorfano (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

Another surprise from Montorfano is the exceptional viewpoint over Lake Maggiore, just a few hundred meters beyond the houses, revealing the river Toce’s final stretch.

What to do in Mergozzo, lake paths and Panorama-Lake Maggiore from Montorfano
Panorama of Lake Maggiore from Montorfano (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

A Visit to Mergozzo’s Historic Center

Explore Mergozzo’s quaint historic center for a delightful experience. Despite its brevity, the charming, well-maintained streets adorned with colorful flowers leave a lasting impression, especially in spring and summer.

Alley of the center of Mergozzo-flowers-plants-stone houses
Alley of the center of Mergozzo (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

Specifically, four noteworthy spots are:

  • The Monumental Elm a hollow but thriving tree serving as the symbol of Mergozzo. It provides shade and a view of the marina.
    What to do in Mergozzo, lake, paths and - monumental elm - hollow elm - Mergozzo marina
    Monumental Elm (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)
  • The Church of the Blessed Virgin Assumption
    What to do in Mergozzo lake-Porticato delle Cappelle-Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Assumption-historic center
    Glimpse of the Portico of the Chapels (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)
    and the chapels’ portico along Mergozzo’s main street. The church, dating back to the early 1600s, houses valuable artworks, including a 17th-century organ and an altar piece depicting the Madonna of the Rosary.
  • Santa Marta Church and the oratory of Santa Elisabetta, the former being a Romanesque church and the latter a small 17th-century chapel with a notable Madonna del Latte painting.
    What to do in Mergozzo, lake, paths and Oratory of Santa Elisabetta-Madonna del Latte
    Interior of the Oratory of Santa Elisabetta(Credit to Matteo Marongiu)
    What to do in Mergozzo, lake, paths and Oratory of Santa Elisabetta-Madonna del Latte
    Interior of the Oratory of Santa Elisabetta(Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

What to do in Mergozzo: Sampling Fugascina

Before leaving Mergozzo, savor the local specialty, Fugascina di Mergozzo. Despite its misleading name, it’s a delightful sweet focaccia made with butter, sugar, type “00” flour, eggs, Marsala wine, lemon, and baking powder. Originally associated with the feast of Santa Elisabetta, you can now enjoy it year-round at Mergozzo’s bakeries.

Fugascina of Mergozzo-tray-package-
Fugascina of Mergozzo

Now that you know what to do in Mergozzo, it’s time to plan your visit!

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