What to see in San Terenzo

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The Charming Village Loved by English Romantic Poets

If you find yourself near La Spezia and can’t decide which beautiful village to visit, read on to discover what to see in San Terenzo. Ever wondered what made it a favorite destination for Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and their contemporaries?

San Terenzo, a hamlet of Lerici, is connected by a scenic seaside promenade known as “castle to castle.” Nestled along a sandy bay, sheltered from strong sea currents, it’s ideal for families with young children, offering calm waters.

What to see in San Terenzo-Baia-Castello-sea-rocks-Lerici-Gulf of Poets-colorful houses
Bay and Castle of San Terenzo (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

Before becoming a seaside destination, the village was a medieval fishing and trading port for oil and wine merchants, originally named Portiolo (port of oil). Legend has it that the current name originated centuries later when the wealthy Scottish monk Terenzio arrived, donating material and spiritual goods in gratitude for the hospitality received.

San Terenzo’s medieval roots are evident, with features like the “crusader’s tomb” and the “Orlando’s rock,” linked to the myth of the knight Roland. The village’s transformation into a beach destination didn’t erase its rich history.

But what makes this place so special for English Romantic poets? Let’s read what to see in San Terenzo.

San Terenzo Highlights: Castle and Villas

The Castle

Upon arrival, the first stop is the castle on the promontory, built by locals in the 1400s to defend against Saracen raids. The cave below, named “Tana dei Turchi,”. The castle now houses a museum and exhibitions.

What to see in San Terenzo-Seafront- Beach-Colorful houses-walk-trees-Lerici-Gulf of Poets-
San Terenzo seafront (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

The Villas

On the opposite side of the bay lies Villa Marigola, surrounded by a dense oak forest. Built in the 18th century, it boasts romantic-themed gardens and hosted notable figures like painter Arthur Blockin and Empress Victoria of Germany. Another historical gem is Villa Magni, where Percy Shelley and others found inspiration. It was once a Barnabite monastery but gained fame for its beachfront location.

For history buffs, the Cooperative preserves a handwritten letter from Giuseppe Garibaldi from 1898, accepting honorary presidency due to the locals’ patriotic support for Italian unification.

Culinary Delights in San Terenzo

After feeding your soul with history, indulge your palate. San Terenzo offers exquisite seafood, including gianchetti frittata and stuffed mussels, paired with excellent Vermentino wine. During the holiday season, try the local sweet, poncrè, a festive alternative to Genoese pandolce, available in village bakeries.

Conclude your journey by booking a weekend in San Terenzo. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Romantic poets and explore the village’s charm. Find the best accommodations here and let the enchantment of San Terenzo captivate you!

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