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A Brief Itinerary to Discover the Charming Village of Riviera delle Palme

Are you in need of relaxation? Then explore the Riviera delle Palme with us. Let’s start with what to see in Borgio, a peaceful seaside destination perfect for a weekend getaway or even just a Sunday retreat.

Borgio, located between Finale Ligure and Pietra Ligure, is the coastal part of the municipality, with its inland village of Verezzi, a topic for another article. While Borgio embraced a seaside identity in the 1900s, boasting clear waters and a partly pebbly beach, it was historically a village of sailors and fishermen for centuries.

What to see in Borgio: Art and Colors 

The historic center, easily navigable without maps, presents the first landmark: the watchtower, built by the Genoese in 1564 to defend against Turkish pirate attacks. As you delve into the coastal town, you’ll encounter the neoclassical San Pietro Church, standing on the site of the ancient castle, contrasting beautifully with the colorful houses reflecting the maritime heritage of its residents.

What to see in Borgio - Church of San Pietro - Historic Center - Borgio - Liguria
church of San Pietro in Borgio(credit to Matteo Marongiu)

The Riviera delle Palme also offers spectacular natural sites. Just a few hundred meters from Borgio lies Italy’s most colorful caves.

What to see in Borgio- Borgio Caves - Stalactites - Pipes - Drapes - Columns - The most colorful in Italy
Interior of the Borgio Caves (Credit to Matteo Marongiu)

The cave route stretches for 800 meters at a constant temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, featuring vivid canals, drapes, columns, and stalactites in various shades of white, yellow, and red.

In the more modern area, don’t miss Villa Rostain, a unique and artistically valuable villa built about sixty years ago. Perched on a magnificent cliff overlooking the sea, it has an oriental flair, earning the local nickname “Saracen Villa.” Decorated by the renowned Turin painter Ulisse Bill, it’s considered a work of art, featured in top architecture magazines worldwide.

Culinary Delights of the Riviera delle Palme

After all the exploring, treat yourself to local cuisine. Borgio offers numerous high-quality establishments with fresh fish and local vegetable dishes on their menus. Must-tries include Buridda di Stoccafisso and frittata di bianchetti. For wine enthusiasts, savor a delightful meal with a glass of excellent Nostralino white.

Now, pack your bags and embark on a wonderful seaside weekend in Borgio!

What to See in Borgio: Final Tips

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