Where to sleep on the Way of Santiago between Coimbra and Agueda


From Sernadelo and Águeda

Hello fellow pilgrim, are you ready to discover where to sleep along the Way of Santiago?

If your answer is yes, and I hope it is, then let’s stretch a bit and embark on this journey together.

In our previous article, we marveled at the beauty of Coimbra. Today, I’ll guide you through where to rest along the Way of Santiago in the following cities:

  • Sernadelo;
  • Sangalhos;
  • Águeda;

Twelfth Stage: where to sleep between Coimbra and Sernadelo (27km)

Leaving Coimbra with a tinge of sadness, we head towards our next stop: Sernadelo.

Today’s journey is not too strenuous but somewhat dull, with the initial leg pains being my sole companions.

Arriving in Sernadelo after 27 km felt both near and far, with increasing pains urging me to skip the town’s panoramic tour.

To reach Residencial Hilario (located about 2/3 km outside the center of Sernadelo in Mealhada), you’ll pass by a city park where you can relax a bit.

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons of Residencial Hilario.


  • Affordability: €10 for a 16-bed dormitory, with plenty of blankets and a boiler for hot water;
  • despite the room not being heated, the provided blankets kept me warm;
  • Hot shower and ensuite bathroom;
  • Proximity (1-minute walk) to an affiliated restaurant offering the pilgrim’s plate (generously portioned) for €7.50 including coffee and wine.


  • Wi-Fi: Almost non-functional, weak signal even outside the building;
  • Lack of a kitchen for self-cooking.

Despite these minor issues, which are worth mentioning, I had a pleasant experience at Residencial and the restaurant. If you plan to spend the night here, I recommend booking through the official website.

Thirteenth Stage: where to sleep on the Way of Santiago between Sernadelo and Sangalhos (17km)

Leaving Mealhada, the next stop was supposed to be Águeda, but initial leg pains led me to an intermediate stop: Sangalhos.

Here, I discovered a beautiful B&B: J.M, which I’ll always cherish, and let me explain why.

At this B&B, I spent an entire day with the husband and wife owners, who manage it, and they truly made me feel at home.

Davide drove me to the pharmacy and supermarket, acting as a guide through the charming village of Sangalhos.

He took me to the Sangalhos Velodrome, renowned throughout Europe, to watch (for free) a European-level indoor cycling competition.

where to sleep on the way of Santiago-sangalhos-velodrome
Sangalhos Velodrome

All topped with a delicious dinner (provided by the owners) of Portuguese soup and pleasant conversations, it was truly a moment of peace and relaxation, giving me the strength to continue my journey serenely.

In addition to the human factor, which is crucial, B&B J.M offers:

  • Spacious heated bedroom with radiators, comfortable bed, and hot shower;
  • Large kitchen for self-cooking;
  • Functional Wi-Fi;
  • Abundant breakfast included in the €35 per night price.

If you wish to support Maria and Davide’s dream of revitalizing tourism in Sangalhos, don’t hesitate to book your stay.

P.S.: Although not part of the Santiago Way, this is an excellent tourist spot due to its proximity to the Ocean (25 minutes by car from Aveiro, a seaside town) and offers great tourist prices; it’s a good stop to break the journey from Sernadelo/Águeda, deviating from the original Way by only 1.5 km.

Fourteenth Stage: where to sleep between Sangalhos and Águeda (15km)

Leaving Maria and Davide’s home with a hint of nostalgia, let’s explore where to sleep on the way of Santiago in Águeda.

Having split the stage, I arrived in Águeda early and could enjoy this colorful city.

Famous for the Umbrella Sky Project and its scattered murals, it’s a peaceful town to relax after a day’s walk.

where to sleep on the Way of Santiago-Agueda-umbrella sky Project-murals
Umbrella Sky Project and murals

Watching the sunset from the bridge over the river was a moment etched in my memory forever.

Here, I had the fortune of staying at the charming Albergue Peregrinos St. Antonio, one of the most beautiful and welcoming Albergues on the Santiago Way.

Its strengths include:

  • Beautifully curated structure: featuring a spacious garden for relaxation, cozy indoor spaces for pilgrims, ample kitchen, and outdoor area for washing and drying clothes (free);
  • The room: a dormitory with 6 beds, small yet comfortable, heated, with ensuite shower, and functional Wi-Fi throughout;
  • Affordable pricing: €15 per night in winter due to heating, €10 during summer.

Note that the hostel is 2.5 km uphill from the city center, but it offers the best value for money compared to city hotels costing €35 and up.

Nevertheless, the sense of peace at Albergue St. Antonio is priceless.

If you want to be pampered too, book through the official website.

Today, we must bid farewell once again. I hope I’ve answered your question about where to sleep on the Santiago Way. See you on the next walk.


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