Choosing the Right Hostel on the Way of Santiago from Albergaria a Nova to Porto

Hello, fellow pilgrim, I assume you’re here to find out which hostel to choose on the Way of Santiago.

If so, you’re in the right place. Today, I’ll provide you with some guidance on selecting a hostel along the Way of Santiago in the following cities:

  • Albergaria a Nova
  • São João da Madeira
  • Porto

Now that you know where we’re headed, all that’s left is to pack your sandwich for the journey and join me.

15th Stage: which hostel to choose on the Way of Santiago in Albergaria a Nova (23km)

In the previous article, we bid farewell in the colorful Águeda, and from there, we continue our journey.

Today, we have a moderately challenging but windy walk ahead of us.

The rural landscape alternates with industrial areas, yet the route remains pleasant.

If you decide to walk in winter, the only lodging option available is the Albergue de Peregrinos in Albergaria a Nova.

Before heading to the hostel, I recommend taking a break at the library and the municipality of Albergaria a Velha, both very characteristic, along with its church, a true attraction of the town.

Which hostel to choose on the Way of Santiago- Albergaria a Velha-library-
Library of Albergaria a Velha

Once bid farewell to Albergaria a Nova, we head towards the Albergue de Peregrinos, located about 2.5 km from the city center.

However, it’s worth noting that apart from a bakery and a bar, there isn’t much around the hostel, so I suggest stocking up on food before arrival and then relaxing at the hostel.

The strengths of this facility include:

  • ample outdoor space for relaxation;
  • a kitchen where you can cook your own food;
  • functioning Wi-Fi throughout the premises;
  • the option to use the hostel’s bar, which offers food and drinks;
  • affordable price: 11 euros per night for a facility with Wi-Fi and a kitchen is reasonable;
  • the kindness of the owner.

On the downside:

  • cold showers (a fellow pilgrim told me the water was lukewarm, but unfortunately, I experienced it as cold);
  • location: there’s practically nothing around the hostel, so if you’re tired and don’t want to walk further, make sure you’re prepared;
  • cold: this was the only place along the entire route where I felt cold; I even had to eat with my jacket on.

Despite these minor inconveniences, which sometimes pilgrims must endure, I highly recommend the facility for taking an afternoon to relax and spend some time alone.

If you wish to book or need more information, please visit the official website of the Albergue.

16th Stage:  which hostel to choose on the Way of Santiago in São João da Madeira (23km)

After leaving Albergaria a Nova, we head towards São João da Madeira, a charming city in the Portuguese district of Aveiro, which unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to visit as I arrived quite late and tired at the end of the stage.

However, I was fortunate to stay in one of the best-value accommodations: the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de S.João da Madeira

The donation is within a retirement home, where pilgrims are provided with a room with mattresses and blankets to sleep on and a hot shower.

The pros of the donation were:

  • warmth: the room and the shower were very warm, and it was possible to adjust the heat pump and radiators to one’s liking;
  • comfort: despite sleeping on the floor on a mattress, I assure you it was one of the most comfortable nights I’ve had;
  • location: near the facility, there’s a huge shopping center (El Corte Ingles) where I could eat ethnic food (since the donation lacks a kitchen) and shop for the next day;
  • value for money: as it’s a donation, you decide how much to give; I donated 5 euros (though for the hospitality received, I could have donated more, I admit).

In short, this donation was a beautiful surprise that I highly recommend; you won’t be disappointed. For more information, please visit the official Facebook page of the facility.

17th Stage: São João da Madeira-Porto (40km)

Leaving the São João donation at the crack of dawn, we continue our review of which hostel to choose on the Way of Santiago.

Today, we head towards one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Portugal: Porto.

The journey to Porto was long, as the route covers 40 km.

Arriving at sunset on the Dom Luis I Bridge and seeing the city from afar was priceless and washed away all the fatigue accumulated during the day.

Porto is a city that truly brought me peace and joy, much like the hostel I chose to spend 3 nights in: The Passenger Hostel.

I must admit, this is the most beautiful hostel I found on my journey.

Undoubtedly, it’s more of a place for tourists than pilgrims, but being built inside the São Bento train station (UNESCO Heritage), it’s a magical place for all types of travelers.

Which hostel to choose on the way of Santiago- Porto-Sao Bento Station-azulejos
São Bento Station

This hostel has everything a traveler desires, with common areas conducive to pleasant encounters, a bar with happy hour every evening, and a magnificent view of the train station to inspire your travels.

In addition to all this, the pros of this hostel are:

  • dormitories: warm and comfortable, as are the bathrooms and showers;
  • common areas: indoor and outdoor with all comforts (TV, sofas, and even an outdoor swing); a spacious kitchen with all the accessories for cooking your own food;
  • functioning Wi-Fi everywhere;
  • services: the possibility to use the washing machine and dryer for 2 euros each or to wash your clothes with the soap provided by the hostel; the possibility to book tourist tours through the hostel;
  • location: the hostel is practically a 10-minute walk from all the city’s attractions: Sé Velha, Lello Bookstore (the one from Harry Potter), Clerics Tower, etc.;
  • price: for 3 nights in a male dormitory with breakfast (plentiful), I spent 50 euros including the tourist tax.

If I’ve convinced you to experience a unique stay at The Passenger Hostel, please visit the website or our Booking banner if you want to book with your monkey friend.

Now, I’ll let you relax and think about your next vacation in Porto. See you next week, pilgrim.

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